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"Stories Told is a duo with a unique sound and beautiful harmonies"

- Candice Frye, LARAC

Gary Moon has performed regionally as a solo performer for over 30 years, starting in the Lake George vacation venue circuit and expanding to area coffee houses and regional folk festivals, as both a solo performer and in collaboration with other regional musicians. Gary has released two original independent CD’s: “Orion” (2005) and “Big Sky” (2010).

Gary was a regular host of the Caffe Lena Open Mic for 15 years. Gary has performed in showcases at Caffe Lena, Falcon Ridge Folk Festival, The Northeast Regional Folk Alliance Conference (NERFA), and Kerrville Folk Festival.

Gary has been a winner of several songwriting and performance competitions including Solarfest and the Great American Song Contest.


Alice Hausmann is a trained vocalist and multi-instrumentalist who performs locally and has performed venues throughout the Northeast including Caffe Lena and NERFA. Alice accompanies her vocals with guitar, ukelele, harmonica and percussion. Alice first showcased her music at Caffe Lena in 2010. Alice is also a trained visual artist and regularly offers her talents to events in her home of Round Lake, such as her design of tags for the annual “Night of Illumination.” Her photography is displayed at the Round Lake Auditorium.


While their vocal styles are unique as solo artists, together their harmonies blend perfectly whether they are performing original songs, contemporary folk-pop hits, or classic folk standards. Stories Told is currently recording their first album of original music.

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